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GENRE: A Quirky Romantic Comedy (110 min)

ERA / Setting: Modern / City

TARGET AUDIENCE: Male-Female (18-35)


HOOK: A woman who hates men is compelled to date men.

LOG LINE: A millennial man-hating woman attempts to live a life without guys, so she recruits the gay guy next door to help her become a nun although she's not religious.

TAG LINE: And you thought you were confused.

CONFLICT OF VALUES: Selfish Indifference vs. Selfless Diligence.

MORAL PREMISE STATEMENT: Selfish indifference leads to insecurity and confusion; but selfless diligence leads to security and fulfillment.

BUDGET: Ultra-Low

STORY ELEMENTS: A series of backstory webisodes will be produced and posted on line first. These will provide back story support and lead into the feature film.


Annaliese, a beautiful 25 year-old woman who dislikes men, attempts to live a life without guys by becoming a nun at the Convent of the Perpetual Virgin. But during a discernment weekend there, Mother Superior tells her that she first has to write an essay about her experiences dating men... at least five different men....before they will even accept her application to enter the convent as a novice.

This scares our protagonist. She does not like men, for good reason. There is Dino Ambrosi (the divine immortal one) a self-absorbed cad who's harassed Annaliese for years to be his trophy wife. Then there's her older brother who she idolized until a certain event during high school convinced her that all men should be despised. And of course there's all the men on the street who think she's a piece of meat. Besides she has not dated a man in years. The only problem is no one that knows Annaliese believes she's nun material, including her therapist who becomes despondent when she tells him her plan.

Confronting the constant objections of her mother who is desperate for grandchildren and can't imagine her daughter a perpetual virgin, Annaliese enlists the help of the man in the apartment next door who happens to be gay. As a photographer, Brad is on assignments all over the city and knows a lot of men...who are not gay. He assures her the men he knows would probably go out with our young and beautiful protagonist and he's glad to help her achieve her dream of being a, nun.

So, one-by-one, the two work together to arrange five dates, to fulfill the convent's requirement. But the dates are all disasters...something she both expected but also saddens her. There's an outing with a lawyer who takes her on a ride with his weekend motorcycle gang. A young banker tries to take her to dinner and to the opera, but the maƮtre 'd won't even seat them. She cooks dinner for another man, but lets the roast duck burn when she finds out his obsession with a certain kind of wildlife. She asks a philosopher to coffee, but she being a natural theist and he being an existential nihilist doesn't prove promising. And finally, there's the handsome devout Catholic man who she almost kills in a car accident.

Now, with her car totaled, she has to ask Brad to take her to the convent to make her report to Mother Superior in hopes she can get into the convent. She's convinced there's no way she'll ever find a man that could interest her romantically...which is good, right?

And that's when everything changes.

The story is about the importance of selfless diligence and the dangers of selfish indifference, and how what we want is not always what we need.

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